Russia claims Ukraine tried to assassinate Putin in a drone attack on the Kremlin. Another Rashomon!

The attack on Putin’s residence in the Kremlin was claimed by Russia to be an assassination attempt by Ukraine. However, Zelensky and Ukraine denied this. Unlike other analyses, my view is that this was most likely an internal act of the Russian military and that Putin may be facing an internal beheading action by the Russian military.

It is unusual for the Russian authorities to point the finger at Ukraine in the first place without showing relevant evidence. The attack on the Kremlin means a full and clear declaration of active war. If this was a Ukrainian operation, Zelensky would not deny it and would even be proud of it, as he has been claiming to counterattack Russia all along.

In terms of defense, it is unusual for a drone of this size to fly over from Ukraine without being detected by Russian air defense during the flight. It can only be understood as an internal operation of the Russian army. If this is not the case, the Kremlin’s defenses are very weak, and what if the warheads carry more than just this power of explosives?

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