The CCP’s military drafting faces a huge problem

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has issued a new draft order, effective May 1, which allows for the re-enlistment of retired military personnel in parallel with the massive expansion of the military. In this way, Chinese people as young as 18 years old and as old as 60 years old, whether they are not yet in the military or have already retired, will be eligible to be drafted, as long as they are not on active duty and meet the draft requirements.

In my opinion, besides the geopolitical tensions, there is another reason why the Chinese government is in trouble with the new draft. At this time, there is a general anti-war sentiment among the Chinese people. Because of the Chinese Communist Party’s one-child policy, most of the young generation is now the only child in their families, and many parents privately say, “Who wants to send their children to die in combat?” No one is willing to work for the Communist Party, they are waiting and watching.

On the other hand, even if enough conscripts are recruited, the Communist Party’s war effort is still weak, as it will take more than a day to train new recruits to mature for war.

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